Saturday, February 16, 2013

Come join the discussion

Starting a few weeks ago, I have joined the ThomsonReuters Islamic Finance Gateway as a Community Leader.  For the time being, that will not mean any change in the posts on the blog, except they might become more regular and more in depth.  However, I am excited about the Islamic Finance Gateway because it will allow more interaction between you, the reader, and me, as well as other people interested in and working in the Islamic finance industry.  

In addition to writing blog posts, I lead the Morning Wrap, a chat within the Islamic Finance Gateway at 9:30am Mecca time every Tuesday and Thursday.  The sessions usually last between an hour and an hour and a half and give an opportunity to discuss the subjects I cover in the blog posts.  The community is open, registration is free and there are some great additional opportunities that come from registering for the Islamic Finance Gateway.  They produce a daily briefing with the latest news in Islamic finance, a weekly wrap up that provides a summary of the week’s news and a summary of the Focus Sessions that are discussions organized with Islamic finance industry practitioners that happen on Wednesdays.  

The best way to get involved with the Islamic Finance Gateway is to sign up for it.  In addition, you can participate in the discussion by liking the Islamic Finance Gateway on Facebook, Following it on Twitter and joining the Islamic Finance Gateway group on LinkedIn.  I hope to see my readers in the community.

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