Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog changes

Until now, I have focused on trying to give a summary of the events in Islamic finance that I think are important, but I often resort to bullet points to give the more 'minor' articles coverage.  Going forward, I am going to eliminate this because it is too time consuming with relatively limited benefit to readers.  As you may have noticed, I have added a feed from Opalesque's Islamic Finance Briefing.  This is the best source I have found for current information on new articles and I think it and other feeds to be added will be a better and more up-to-date source for current news on Islamic finance.  The blog will focus on the articles that I feel deserve additional commentary (supplemented with more focused commentary in the weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for on the left side of the blog).  I think this change will benefit both the reader through more attention to the commentary and my increasingly busy schedule and result in more frequent posting.  I welcome comments on what is valuable and what is better left to other sources either through comments or by emailing me at blake@sharingrisk.org.  As always, I will try to promptly return any direct emails about the blog or questions about Islamic finance and I hope the change to the blog will make it easier for me to reply quickly.

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Tony Gates said...

Chages in blogs are welcomed , I agree with view , but readers should not be left alone ,i hope news will carry on with new changes.