Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guest Post: Where to Study Islamic Finance

With the explosion of Islamic banking trends worldwide and with the practices making the news in major markets, more and more people want to know all they can about the field. I usually tell them that one of the best ways to learn about Islamic finance is to take an online course or seek out a nearby university. There are many distance learning options available for students and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of Islamic banking, as well as classes at established schools, and they're offered through a growing number of quality outlets. Here are just a few to get you on your way.

Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance. The IIBI, based in London, offers a variety of courses at multiple levels, whether you want to study takaful or Islamic banking and insurance.

AIMS. Another U.K.-based organization, the Institute of Islamic Finance features several academic programs: MBA in Islamic banking, Islamic finance expert, certified Islamic banker, and certified takaful professional. As always, make sure that any courses you take are going to be recognized by future employers as worthy and accredited.

Islamic Legal Studies Program. Harvard Law School's ILSP is a fantastic resource for students looking to enhance their knowledge of Islamic law and see how it applies to finance and a number of other professional fields.

BIBF. The Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance offers an advanced diploma in Islamic finance. The course offerings are split into six modules: Islamic commercial jurisprudence; introduction to trust, banking, and business laws; Islamic insurance (takaful); Islamic treasury, capital markets and risk management; Islamic banking operations; and Islamic accounting standards. Contact the school for more info.

Institute for Middle East Studies. The IMES at The George Washington University offers several fantastic courses on international finance and law, which are helpful for those looking to become well-versed in Islamic finance.

Euclid. Euclid University's online business school offers a distance-learning MBA in Islamic finance designed to build a student's math and banking knowledge while deepening their understanding of the tenets of Islam and how they apply to just financial practices.

Again, make sure that any course you take has been checked out and accredited and will be respected by your employers. Good luck!

This guest post is contributed by Jena Ellis, who writes on the topics of Online Certificate Courses. She welcomes your questions and comments at: jena.ellis20@gmail.com.

Ed. Note: The views expressed in this post are the author's own and not those of Sharing Risk.


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