Saturday, May 15, 2010

New features

In response to the feedback I received about a newsletter and receiving emails of blog post, I have added a few new features. The first is a button that will make it easy to add this blog to an RSS feed reader (like Google Reader). I have also added a place to enter email to receive posts via email. Please note, this is just beginning and I am not sure that it is yet working. Please be patient and I will ensure it is working over the next week or two.

Finally, I have added a form to sign up for a weekly newsletter that will include the previous week's blog posts in addition to some follow-up commentary about the developments in the Islamic financial industry over the past week. As soon as I can ensure the form is working, I will begin the weekly newsletter. In general, there will be no more than one email per week although in some cases, I might send out additional emails as news developes.

I hope these are useful for my readers. Any feedback is welcome (please send it to

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Bernardo Vizcaino CAIA said...

Great idea on the RSS feeds! Will test it in our Linkedin group, I am using the below RSS link for your blog, hope it is the correct one!

Best Regards,