Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Public Media's show "Marketplace"

Yesterday, I was contacted by a journalist with American Public Media's show "Marketplace", which is the daily business show playing on National Public Radio. They are looking for Muslim families' input with personal and/or professional experience in Islamic finance (either as a client or practitioner) to understand the way Islamic finance is viewed and used in the United States. Anyone interested in participating in their brief survey (which may lead to a follow up conversation for their feature), should go to their website:

Note: Any information submitted through this query is seen only by reporters and editors. As such, it is treated confidentially and used ONLY for editorial purposes.

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Alberto said...

Dear Mr. Gould,

salaams and greetings from Milan where I run ASSAIF ( the only Italian, and perhaps southern Mediterranean association, that actively promotes the IFSI.

I was given your name and contacts by my good friends at the Middle East Business Forum in London that are well aware of my interest for Islamic Microfinance.
They told me that you are in the process of implementing/launching an equity-based scheme for halal Microfinance and I just wonder whether you can provide us with some information about this new tool that could be of great interest in our area.

Also: are the papers of last year's Harward Microfinance event available to the public?

Many thanks for an answer wa salaams.
Alberto Brugnoni