Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekly news update, December 15, 2007

The U.K. faces a significant challenge from Dubai, Bahrain and Kuala Lumpur to become the sukuk capital of the world. However, the U.K. is looked to as the model for developing Shari'ah-compliant banking from other countries in Europe, like France and Germany, where the Muslim population make up a larger percentage than in the U.K. I discussed this in one of the articles in the recent Institute of Halal Investing newsletter, available in pdf (there is also a link along the right side of the blog).

The ETF issuing company iShares announced the issuance of three Shari'ah-compliant ETFs. The three ETFs track the MSCI World Islamic, MSCI Emerging Markets Islamic and MSCI U.S. Islamic indexes.

GCC-based Islamic investment banks are expanding outside of the GCC-area, as Gulf Finance House's projects in India and Tunisia demonstrate.

I have not been able to blog daily the last couple weeks. I hope to be able to more often next year, but for the rest of the month, the weekly updates may be all I have time for.

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