Thursday, November 08, 2007

Islamic microfinance in Afghanistan

The USAID's microlinks highlights the development of Shari'ah-compliant microfinance to meet client demands in Afghanistan. The note has a link to a prior note also on the Islamic microfinance program run under the ARIES program as well as information from USAID's FIELD group.

Singapore-based Overseas Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) and HSBC received licenses to open Islamic banking subsidiaries in Malaysia.

Islamic finance is losing its share of GCC area project finance.

The IFSB released a compilation of prudential and structural Islamic finance indicators.


Anonymous said...


A friend and I from Cornell University are in the process of making a business plan to open up a small islamic bank in Pakistan, with long term plans of expanding. We will offer interest-free checking and savings solutions.

Any advice?

We believe there is a certain stigma surrounding existing Islamic banks as they tend to rename things, put them in Arabic, and in then call it a halaal transaction. Either that, or they have a Sharia board that says YES to everything, and suddenly everything becomes somewhat legitmized.


brett said...

Interesting… I might try some of this on my blog, too. It’s quite interesting how you sometimes stop being innovative and just go for an accepted solution without actually trying to improve it…
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