Wednesday, August 22, 2007

300th post: INCEIF, halalness of forex trading

International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) is seeking donors to fund scholarships for students needing assistance while completing their Certified Islamic Financial Professional (CIFP) program.

A workshop is being held in Brunei to discuss the 'halalness' of foreign exchange trading.

An article in Epoch Times (an online newspaper) about Islamic finance and a recent IMF paper discussing how Islamic finance fits into the regulatory systems which were designed for conventional financial institutions.


Halalseeker said...

Is there any answer to the halalness of forex trading online. Is there any Halal way to trade currencies online?

Jazaak Allah Khair

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a way.
Visit this company. I am working with them since their openign. here is also another comment i foudn on them on the net.

Thank you.

Murtada Shah said...


Can you please email me details regarding the halalness of FOREX Trading online? I don't understand french unfortunately :(

Also, is still alive? I emailed them regarding shari'ah, but no response.


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