Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rapid sukuk issuance interrupts executives' vacations

The furious pace of sukuk issues has forced Islamic financial executives to cancel their vacations. The UAE is trying to issue more sukuk than Malaysia and become the region with the most sukuk issuance.

Kuwaiti-based firm Adeem Investment Company plans to expand its offices in the U.K. because of the changes to the laws designed to attract Islamic financial institutions. Adeem was one of the firms involved in the purchase of Aston Martin from Ford.

A few more details from the Financial Times about the group (BMB Group) which absorbed most of Dar Al Istithmar's staff including their Islamic economist Humayon Dar. BMB Group "specialises in investments for the royal families in Brunei, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries."

Islamic scholars warn against "Shari'ah shopping," describe importance of reducing the cost of Islamic finance and broadening the number of scholars consulted by Islamic banks.

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