Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shortage of scholars & lawyers in Islamic finance industry

Islamic finance faces a shortage of skilled Shari'ah scholars & lawyers

There is an interesting article focusing on the shortage of lawyers who understand Islamic finance well enough to put together the large deals which have emerged recently. The end of the article highlights the even more pressing problem of a shortage of Shari'ah scholars and issue of different interpretations of what is Shari'ah-compliant between the Middle East and Malaysia (and steps to produce agreement on the most basic Islamic financial products.

Other News

Sharjah Islamic Bank announces the opening of a real estate subsidiary, ANAS Real Estate.

RHB Capital unaware of moves by Kuwait Finance House to acquire a stake in RHB's Islamic banking business.

Islamic Finance Project 2007 will be held in Dubai, UAE from June 24 - 25, 2007.
• This conference has been added to the Institute of Halal Investing conference listings.

The Bahrain Financial Harbour opened today in a bid to be a new Gulf financial center.

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