Monday, May 21, 2007

Malaysian Islamic Index, American Public Radio program on U.K. government Islamic bonds, other news

Bursa Malaysia Bhd and the FTSE Group launched a new Shair'ah-compliant index of 30 Malaysian stocks. The index is called by FTSE Bursa Malaysia Hijrah Shariah Index.

Citibank Bhd, the Malaysian subsidiary of the global financial firm has no plans to launch an Islamic banking subsidiary this year.

CORECAP lauched a $150 million CORECAP Islamic Private Equity Fund to invest in "Sharia-compliant Private Equity investments in the Middle East and North Africa region, via equity participation and via a Sharia-compliant mezzanine structure".

The American Public Radio program had a segment on the U.K. featuring a woman from the Lawyers Christian Guild who oppose the bonds for reasons which seem unlikely to be relevant based on previous sukuk issues.

The Phillipine government failed again to privatize majority state-owned Al-Amanah Islamic Bank.

South African-based bank Absa Islamic Bank has plans to expand in Africa.

Moroccan banks will be able to offer Islamic banking but will not be able to call them 'Islamic'.

Islamic banks in Kuwait are not currently able to issue sukuk to fund their activities although conventional banks are able to because there is no regulation in place to allow it.

The S&P Brazil, Russia, India & China (BRIC) Index will add four Indian firms. It is "the first time that an international rating agency has developed an index to help Muslim investors across the globe invest in specific Indian companies in an Islamically compliant way".

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Anonymous said...

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