Monday, April 23, 2007

U.K. Islamic gilts, Islamic finance in the U.S. & U.K. and Careers in Islamic banking

U.K. becomes first Western country to announce Shari'ah-compliant government bonds

Ed Balls, Economic Secretary in HM Treasury, announced today that the U.K. government will carry out a feasibility study regarding the issuance of Shari'ah-compliant gilts. He was speaking at the FSA confence on Principles-based Regulation.

Global Impact of Islamic Finance

The Harvard Business School student weekly Harbus has an article about the recent event on Islamic finance held at the school on April 13th, 2007.

Islamic home financing & sukuk

A Chicago-based newspaper, the Daily Herald, describes how Islamic home financing works and provides a summary of some of the U.S. Islamic finance companies. The Financial Times provides another general overview of Islamic finance and sukuk.

Careers in Islamic banking - Challenges

The Financial Times describes the challenges facing those who seek careers in Islamic banking with a conventional financial background and education. Because Islamic finance and banking requires an understanding of what is Shari'ah-compliance, as well as how to work with Shari'ah scholars to ensure that all products offered are compliant, those with backgrounds in conventional finance may not be able to succeed in the field. Several business schools including the Cass Business School and ESC-Lille offer MBA programs in Islamic finance.

Other News

Pakistan's sixth Islamic bank, First Dawood Islamic Bank, will expand its branch network.

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